4°C has the core products in Chilled. Everything from compound salads and sandwich fillings to dairy and sliced meats. But many more are exclusively our's.

Lots of the Fruits, Salads and Vegetables, too, are grown just for us. That's why 4DegreesC products are so much more attractive. Always in season.

And when one of today's demanding diners asks for the impossible, like Organic or Gluten-Free, you can just call 4DegreesC
Others don't want to do it. We really do.

But then our people are professionals. They've mostly been in the business of understanding your business for 20 years (meet them at Who's Who at 4oC.

So that's it. 4°C … making life 4Degrees-Easy.
Well … not quite. I do something here, too.

Having invested in coldstores, trucks and people, no-one knows better that, for my customers, it's got to be profitable, too.

That's 4°C. The Cool Food Company

4 degrees C is based in London, we supply chilled goods, quality fruit and veg, salads, dried and ambient foods, to the UK. UK and London foodservice suppliers of quality fruit and vegetables.

4 degrees c, London, fruit and veg, vegetables, catering supplies, fruit, salads, vegetables, greengrocer, fruit wholesalers, London food distribution, We are foodservice suppliers offering high quality chilled goods and wholesale fruit deliveries. We sell quality fruit and vegetables at wholesale prices , ,We are a distributor to many restaurant supplies. 4degreesc is a produce importer.


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